Hardwood Flooring Cincinnati Ohio

Installing brand new flooring Modesto is one of the most costly home repair tasks. Where do you start with so many options—hardwood, laminate, engineered wood, vinyl, and tile?

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Hardwood Flooring Cincinnati Ohio

Hardwood Flooring Cincinnati Ohio

Things to Consider When Choosing Hardwood Flooring Modesto

Choosing hardwood flooring Modesto can be daunting with the array of hardwoods, colors, and finishes available today. We'll give you some ideas to take into consideration when selecting the ideal wood floor CA for your home.

Type of Wood Flooring
Wood flooring is classified into two types: solid hardwood and engineered hardwood. Solid wood flooring is crafted from solid wood logs combined via a tongue and groove on both long and short edges. Prefinished or unfinished solid wood is offered in strips and boards varying in thickness from 5/16 to 3/4 inches. Strips range in width from 1 1/2 to 2 1/4 inches, while planks range in width from 3 to 8 inches.

Engineered hardwood flooring Modesto is made up of numerous layers of composite and plywood material that are topped with a solid hardwood layer. Engineered wood flooring is available in thicknesses varying from 3/8 to 3/4 inches and widths varying from 3 to 10 inches; the hardwood layer on top is available in thicknesses ranging from .6 to 4 millimeters.

While both types of flooring have the same natural beauty as real wood, the primary distinction between solid hardwood and engineered hardwood flooring is in the composition of the floor.

Because solid wood flooring expands and contracts in response to the humidity in a home, it should be laid on the ground level or above grade. Engineered flooring is more sturdy than solid flooring due to its multi-ply composition and can be applied on all floors of the home, making it ideal for bathrooms and basements where moisture and dampness can be an issue.

Choice of Wood Species
Numerous varieties of wood are utilized in flooring, but some are more lasting than others due to their hardness. Most consumers are concerned about daily wear and tear when selecting a wood floor, and red oak is the industry standard for hardness in the United States.

While white and red oak are the most frequently used domestic wood flooring species, hickory, maple, and walnut are also popular. Brazilian Cherry, Brazilian Koa, and Cumaru are among the hardest exotic woods available. Naturally, if the wood is hard, it will be more durable in high-traffic parts of the home.

Grain, Color, and Appearance
Because wood flooring is available in a wide variety of species, styles, and finishes, it is very simple to find a floor that complements any room's décor. Wide plank floors with well-defined grains and a weathered appearance will complement a country-style interior. Take into account a wide, random plank width flooring in Oak or Maple for Colonial homes.

Traditional interiors will benefit from hardwood flooring in widths ranging from 2 1/4 to 3 1/4 inches in Maple, Oak, or Walnut, as well as parquet flooring. Almost any kind of wood could be used in a contemporary context, depending on the stain or finish employed—pewter, dark charcoal, or whitewash finishes, for example, can turn any wood species into a modern work of art.

Type of Finish
The finish is the true determinant of a wood floor's overall appearance. A clear gloss finish on a particular wood species will appear completely different from a distressed, hand-scraped, or wire-brushed finish.

Cost and Installation
The price of wood flooring varies according to the type, the species of wood, and the finish. Solid prefinished wood flooring typically costs between $2.49 – $12.69 per square ft. Engineered prefinished wood flooring is priced between $1.69 – $8.79.

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When considering hardwood flooring installation CA, homeowners owe it to themselves to explore the advantages and beauty of hardwood flooring Modesto. Hardwood is sturdy, pleasant, and fairly affordable, and nothing beats the warmth and character they add to any room in the house. While there are several options, not all types of wood flooring are ideal for all applications.

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